Tuesday, November 11, 2008

heavenly food on the ride to hell

As of today, he is 48 years old and I am 25 years and 53 days old precisely. Don't be mislead, despite what my blog says, I am still on the 10th of due to my never-ending jet lag. Stuck here at the purgatory hours of the day. It is not dark but it is not bright either, you can't be passive and sleep but you can't be active because you can't wake people up. Grrrr...

So, yes, a good friend turned 48 today. As we forced him to make a wish before blowing out the candles on the birthday pie/cake I baked, I thought to myself that it is finally(!) time to start my 53 days old resolution.

What a better time to start my blog on the orgasmic food and everything else that makes me  the greatest hedonist of all times? I eat out of greed, travel out of greed, shop at gourmet stores and throw kick-ass parties out of greed. If life was a popsicle, I would lick its stick so clean, you could put it in your hair. 

I am a hedonist, and I enjoy things to the last drop. 

If that is a sin, I will gladly accept the ride to hell. 

I will start by sharing some exquisite recipes with you so that no one calls the shot gun before you. After all, no journey is fun alone. 

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