Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Fastest and the Most Effective Way to Get Fit

I read an article on National Geo Adventure on an athlete who was an exercise junky throughout high school and then college. Later when he graduated, he found out that he can be in better shape by exercising less. The trainers came up with a 2 phase multi-activity program which makes you stronger faster. The idea is that once you are fit, you don't need to try as hard to build on it. They recommend this program to those who realize they want to run a marathon 3 months before the race. It is still quite intense, but if it can get you in shape for a marathon in 3 months, it is still a great deal.

For 6 weeks:

Monday: Cycle at an easy and steady pace for 3 hours. No need for intensity, DURATION is the main goal.
Tuesday: Jog for 30-60 mins
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Paddle a kayak or canoe at an easy steady pace for 3 hours. (Rowing machines OK)
Friday: Cycle at a moderate pace for 60 mins
Saturday: Run or paddle at a moderate pace for 1-2 hours
Sunday: "Active recovery"- Pick your favorite sports and exercise for at least 1 hr at moderate intensity.

As long as you can...

Monday: Cycle for 1 hour at fastest pace you can
Tuesday: Run for an hour
Wednesday: "Active recovery" (see above)
Thursday: Paddle for an hour
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Speed Workout - Sign up for a 10K running race, or a 2 hour mountain bike race, or hit the track with a competitive buddy for an hour of intervals. Building intensity is the main goal.
Sunday: "Active recovery"

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