Friday, July 10, 2009

Overwhelmed by paperwork

Everyone thinks that their family is different and I am sure that they are each unique cases indeed. Nevertheless, I think many families can be classified under common themes like cheating fathers, too involved grandparents, weird siblings, dependent mothers, financial worries, interventionist extended families, etc...

Yet, I still feel like mine stands alone in its own category : A successful, well-educated but not enlightened doctor dad whose obsessive-compulsiveness casted a shadow over a complete era even after his death, a schizophrenic and violent uncle whose gambling addiction paved his way to trouble with the mafia, a 12 year old half-brother I (intentionally) never met, an angelic yet amazon mother who tackles all the problems that threaten her family, a step dad who lives in Switzerland and four step siblings I have seen maybe a total of 5 times in 8 years, a depressed grandmother, a dear friend, two dogs: one blind, one lame and myself.

I have no considerable worldly possessions but in case we crash in the same plane with my mother once day, I would rather save the remaining 1600 pandas instead of my providing my uncle with more money to get himself in trouble with.

So, I wrote my will 3-4 years ago.

I wanted to amend it today but I was overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork they threw at me. You can't even rest easily in peace in this country. You need to get a number and wait in line for 3 hours only to be told that you have to come back on Mon to complete your paperwork.

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